Die Shilgrut fun der Tulpehock

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Listing of publications

1970IThe Stouchsburg Academy
Origin of the Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society
1971IIThe Biography of Jacob S. Yoder
The Diary of 1871
Back to the Old Home
1972IIIThe Robesonia Furnace
1973IVThe Doctors Livingood of Womelsdorf
1974VThe Saga of Godfrey Fidler
Rieth’s (Reed’s) Church and Environs
1975VIOriginal Landowners In The Tulpehocken Area
1976VIIDiscovery of Small Leather Book From Arthur D. Graeff's Diary
Letter Written 4 February 1747 re: Funeral of Leonard Rieth
1977VIIIForge School Records (1861-1871)
1978IXMany Remained There
1979X (Aug.)Letter from Frank E. Lichtenthaeler to Dr. Arthur D. Graeff
Excerpt from the publication, “Tulpehocken Settlement Family Festival 1723-1973"
Two Tulpehocken Patriarchs
Michael Shower (Schauer) - Palatine Emigrant
The Schutz (Scheetz) Family
1979XI (Nov.)The Legacy of Conrad Weiser
Introduction by Donald R. Shenton to the book, “CONRAD WEISER, Pennsylvania Peacemaker”
Special program honoring Conrad Weiser’s arrival in the Tulpehocken area in 1729, November 12, 1979
Conrad Weiser’s Hymn
Publications of the Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society from 1970 to 1979
List of members of the Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society since its incorporation on February 13, 1970
List of Historic Trips
1980XIIThe Story of Regina Leininger, Indian Captive of the Penn’s Creek Massacre
The Penn’s Creek Massacre, First Indian Incursion in Pennsylvania
1981XIIIPirates Vs. Our Immigrant Forefathers
The Philadelphia Ship Lists and Their Usefulness Genealogically
1982XIVThe Paths of the Palatines
An Old Berks County Land Transfer
List of the Church Records in the Genealogical Library of the Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society at Conrad Weiser Park, Womelsdorf, PA
Publications Available From the Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society
1983XVWomelsdorfs and Wittgensteiners, The History of Womelsdorf Families and Communities in Europe and America Since 1480
1984XVILog Cabins - Their History and Description
Why our Forefathers Left Europe
Piety and Pietism Among Our Forefathers
Negro Slavery in Pennsylvania
1985XVIIThe Pennsylvania Germans, An Address Delivered at the Dedication of Palatinate College Myerstown, Pa., Dec. 23, 1875
1986XVIIIEarly Education Involving Our Tulpehocken Settlers
Causes for Emigration From The German Counties of Wittgenstein
1987XIXThe First Mill on the Creek: The Story of a Gun Barrel Factory in the Tulpehocken
The Reverend Dr. P.C. Croll, The Founder of Conrad Weiser Park
1988XXAncestors and Descendants of a Tulpehocken Pioneer: Johann Peter Leiss
1989XXIHenry William Stiegel
Information About Our Earliest-Known Ancestors (German)
An Index to Articles Published in Die Shilgrut fun der Tulpehock
1990XXIIHoofbeats Through The Tulpehocken
St. Daniels, The Lutheran Congregation of Heidelberg
Sunday School Record Dated Dec. 28, 1887
1991XXIIILedgers of Charming Forge
Diary of Alfred D. Staudt
Recollections of Yesteryears
Rev. Thomas Calvin Leinbach
1992XXIV"The Trix Sisters" Helen and Josephine Yeiser
1993XXV“Tulpehocken Spires” A History of Christ Lutheran Church
1994XXVI"Gleanings of The Tulpehocken Poets"
1995XXVIIImportant Events, Acquisitions, Gifts, in our Society History
The Account Book of Johannes Leiss (Part 1)
Autobiography of Isaac Kalbach
1996XXVIIIMills Along the Tulpehocken, A Preliminary Survey
1997XXIXThe Account Book of Johannes Leiss (Part 2)
Reminiscences of Amy (Mrs. Calvin) Webber
A Great Surprise, Excerpted from the Myerstown Enterprise February 14, 1902
1998XXXA Brief History of Rieth’s [Reed’s] Lutheran Church
Baptism Book, Reed’s Lutheran Church, 1764-1842
Extracts from the Treasurer’s Account Book, 1764-1845
1999XXXI50 th Anniversary of the Laying of the Cornerstone of Zion Lutheran Church, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania
Hier Ruhet: Early Tulpehocken Tombstones
2000XXXIITwo sketches for the Periodical The Pennsylvania-German
"Down the Lebanon Valley"
"The Lutheran Congregation of Heidelberg"
2001XXXIIIThe Pennsylvania Rifle in the Tulpehocken and Early America
2002XXXIVA Railroad Crash That Claimed Our Nation, The "P&R" and the Panic of 1893
2003XXXVThe Palatine Emigration of 1709 as experienced by the Jacob Kobel family
"The Unruly"
2004XXXVIPhilip Mayer, Reformed Minister
Leonard Reed’s Will and other early Reed Documents
2005XXXVIIOld Time Funerals in the Tulpehocken
2006XXXVIIIGrowing Up in Rehrersburg, Stories of her childhood by Ruth Anspach Smith
2007XXXIXEarly Firefighting in the Tulpehocken Settlement
Fire Companies of the Tulpehocken
2008XLGaarde und Gegreider, Four Square Gardens and Herb Use in the Early Tulpehocken (Illustrated)
2009XLIA New Look at Some Early Tulpehocken Surveys: Richard Penn’s Manor of Andulhea
2010XLIISaga of the Tulpehocken, A Postcard View
2011XLIIITARACHIAWAGON, Conrad Weiser on Pennsylvania’s Indian Paths
2012XLIVThe John Womelsdorff Journal & His Town
Excerpts from the John and Captain Daniel Womelsdorff Family Fortunes Paper
2013XLVMy Journal Business, Isaac Miller, A 19th Century Merchant & Postmaster of Womelsdorf
2014XLVITulpehocken Writings from The Pennsylvania German and The Penn Germania Magazines
2015XLVIICigar Brands in the Tulpehocken Region

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