Stephen Brecht Genealogical Library Inventory

This is a searchable index of the contents of the library. Please be patient as this takes a while to load based on your internet connection.

Item Location Code Description

  • A – Misc. Material- unclassified, examples: Womelsdorf Day Book; Census; Will Abstracts; General Books on Genealogy, such as Annette Burgert & Hank Jonesworks; History of Pennsylvania Volunteers; Military Records; Land Records; Funeral Home Records Etc.
  • B – A variety of Scrap Books: organizations & families
  • C – Cemetery and Church Records
  • F – Art work; Large Photos etc. stored in the back room area
  • G – Genealogy, biography & autobiography (in alphabetical order)
  • H – History
  • I – Indices (Not in book indexed)
  • P – Periodicals, Newsletters
  • S – Aged books locked in glass door cabinet
  • V – Vertical Files in 25 file cabinets none shelf able material, papers etc.
  • Y – Map index, hanging on back wall by the map

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