Stephen Brecht Genealogical Library Inventory

This is a searchable index of the contents of the library. Please be patient as this takes a while to load based on your internet connection.

Shelf Codes Description

AMisc. Material- unclassified, examples: Womelsdorf Day Book; Census; Will Abstracts; General Books on Genealogy, such as Annette Burgert & Hank Jonesworks; History of Pennsylvania Volunteers; Military Records; Land Records; Funeral Home Records Etc.
BA variety of Scrap Books: organizations & families
CCemetery and Church Records
FArt work; Large Photos etc. stored in the back room area
GGenealogy, biography & autobiography (in alphabetical order)
IIndices (Not in book indexed)
PPeriodicals, Newsletters
SAged books locked in glass door cabinet
VVertical Files in 25 file cabinets none shelf able material, papers etc.
YMap index, hanging on back wall by the map

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